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A selection of aerial clips from heli flights around the Pilbara over the last few months, particularly in the Pannawonica, Robe River, Fortescue areas. I've never been able film this amazing landscape with any decent quality until the Black Magic 4K came along... love this camera!

Big thanks to Michael & Julie Percy and the boys at Pilbara Helicopters.

Black Magic 4k, Tokina 11-16, monopod/handheld from an R44 helicopter, stabilized in post & graded in Resolve.

4K version here

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Landscape photography can be frustrating 90% of the time. When you come across a scene like this though, it makes up for it! Kings Canyon, Watarrka National Park, NT.

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 I snapped these images today while we were doing aerial photography work in the Pannawonica & Onlow area of the Pilbara.





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Some of the patterns and textures you can see from the sky are so unique. These patterns and colours that form in the salt flats of the Pilbara sometimes look like incredible water colour paintings. I've been working on a series of shots now for a few months and have come up with these 9 abstract images. I'm not quite sure what to do with them yet - they sure are interesting! For those that like to know...shot from an R44 helicopter at about 1500 feet, with the Phase One P65+, and 80mm lens

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I do a fair bit of aerial photography work in the Pilbara these days. It's definitely the best part of my work at the moment. This is a typical scene that I come across on the way to a shoot. The Pilbara is really at its best right now, the place is looking so green with all the rain that's been coming through. 

Pilbara Aerial Photographer

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Wilpena Pound from the air! Taken from the Rawnsley Park side. You can tell they haven't had a drop of rain in a long time. Hope this image inspires you to get to the Flinders Ranges, what an amazing place.

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