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A selection of aerial clips from heli flights around the Pilbara over the last few months, particularly in the Pannawonica, Robe River, Fortescue areas. I've never been able film this amazing landscape with any decent quality until the Black Magic 4K came along... love this camera!

Big thanks to Michael & Julie Percy and the boys at Pilbara Helicopters.

Black Magic 4k, Tokina 11-16, monopod/handheld from an R44 helicopter, stabilized in post & graded in Resolve.

4K version here

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Mount Sonder | West Macs

I’ve always been inspired by the work of Namatjira, so traveling to his old stomping ground last year was a bit of a buzz. Unfortunately Mt Sonder is dwarfed by Uluru & Kings Canyon for people passing through (or is that a good thing, nice and quiet!). Its a magic sight on sunrise for about 20 minutes, when the rock glows red.

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Photography tip: Start shooting before the sun gets up, and keep shooting after it goes down! The colours you can find with the soft and ambient light at these times can be perfect. This image at Ormiston Gorge in the West Macs was captured around a half hour before sunrise.



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Landscape photography can be frustrating 90% of the time. When you come across a scene like this though, it makes up for it! Kings Canyon, Watarrka National Park, NT.

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Exploring Broken Hill with the Phase One, there's nothing better! One of my favorite towns to get to, its a playground for artists and photographers with so much history, colour and texture.

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Waiting on the dunes untill final light has it rewards! Beautiful textures and patterns are revealed just before the sun disappears behind the dunes. This image was taken recently in the Simpson Desert, far west Queensland.

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This iconic Pub needs no introduction! Taken in December last year, the town was quiet with the tourist season winding down. Temperatures were low 40's. The bakery and the Simpson Desert, were both shut - so this is where we ended up. Prints available here.


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Some of the patterns and textures you can see from the sky are so unique. These patterns and colours that form in the salt flats of the Pilbara sometimes look like incredible water colour paintings. I've been working on a series of shots now for a few months and have come up with these 9 abstract images. I'm not quite sure what to do with them yet - they sure are interesting! For those that like to know...shot from an R44 helicopter at about 1500 feet, with the Phase One P65+, and 80mm lens

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There are so many unique rocky outcrops and ridges to photograph in the Pilbara. Everytime I head up there I'm blown away by the landscape. I had an afternoon to kill near Pannawonica and was able to fire off a few images with the Phase One on dusk. Prints available here.


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A new Limited Edition print has been added to the library today, called 'Pioneering Spirit'. It's a recent image I captured in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. I often wondering what life would have been like for the early pioneers of the outback. Making a life in these remote places would have been tough to say the least.

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