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Pilbara Landscape Photography 

Recently I locked in a monthly photography contract with a building site near Onslow in WA, so I'm going to be up in the Pilbara quite a bit now. I had some time to kill the other after the shoot and found this amazing place. Pure red rocks like nothing else - love the North West!

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Finally I 've had time to sit down and finish this website! 

I was regularly getting comments from clients about my old site saying 'hey, and I checked out your website and it looks nice'. Feeling ashamed about how out of date it was, I had to somehow explain that it was so old... very old! So FINALLY, here is a display of the most up-to-date work I've been doing.

 2012 so far has been a year of commercial work for me, doing shoots for great clients such as Heritage Bank and Origin Energy, examples of these shoots are on the 'commercial' page. Having said that, I'm looking forward to landscape shoots planned in the Flinders Ranges and the West Macs early next year. I hope you enjoy the display of images and look forward to you coming back and visiting again - stay tuned!